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2018/8/12 | P1 - In 2014, we worked together on the pile head tensile test of DH quick piles.

In 2014, we worked together on the pile head tensile test of DH quick piles.

Note: The readers shall know that most content of this paper is translated from original traditional chinese version by software.

    In this case, the DH quick pile head pull-out test is the first test in the world.
    In the field of foundation piles, PC/PHC piles are indeed piles with a fairly high C/P value. It is not to say that PC/PHC piles are the best, not the omnipotent and versatile piles, but the conclusions drawn from the comprehensive measurement of the nature, performance, cost and other factors of each pile. Each type of foundation pile also has special applications, such as the applicable alluvial soil layer/gravel layer/rock formation, applicable plain/hill slope/riverside/seashore/sea, applicable building type/construction life/durability/quality/strength requirements, applicable depth, applicable time requirements, and even the applicable funds (in fact, this is the most important), have different considerations, and there are different selection criteria, can not be forced. But undoubtedly, PC/PHC piles are one of the most excellent pile options.

(omit, please refer to the full text download)

4. Conclusion
    Every innovative product in the project is a result of the time spent by engineers. Of course, it is impossible to implement it immediately. Usually, it has to go through many processes of promotion, experimentation, and repeated argumentation. It is very hard. In particular, the "large-scale structural parts" such as foundation piles are hard to develop in the domestic engineering market in the recession.
   In the pile head pull-out test of this case, although we have not been very satisfied, we also got a few points from it:
(1) The pile head preset horizontal rib of the DH quick pile does provide sufficient pile head pull-out force.
(2) The hollow pile head of the DH quick pile does exist during the pile construction.


 1.  pdf file: Traditional chinese version (TC), Simple Chinese version(SC), English version (Eng)

 2. The report of pile pull test (Traditional Chinese version) 

 3. 2014-05-09 Industry-University Cooperation Presentation Lecture(Traditional Chinese version) pps, pdf

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