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W1 - DH-RAIN straw drainage method

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W1: DH-RAIN straw drainage method
DH-RAIN straw drainage method, born from DH P-LV1 technology.
Solutions to water conservation and drainage issues, especially solutions designed for water projects that address the concept of "sponge city" and "heat island effect."
We are trying to solve the problem of urban water resources by using technologies and concepts that are relatively close to the project, rather than biasing the ideal of environmental conservation. Under the prerequisite of low construction cost, seek its pragmatism and practicality, rather than adhere to the concept of excessive natural.


Environmental changes:

    In the 21st century, the Earth's environment has entered many and different past climate conditions (some experts have referred to as: greenhouse effect, global warming, extreme climate, urban heat island effect, etc.), due to climate changes in the natural environment, (Such as excessive use of fossil fuels, etc.), so many modern droughts and floods have occurred more seriously than before.

The inevitable urbanization:

    Because of the city, human civilization can be more refined. Modern life can not avoid urbanization, we can not return to the era of agricultural society.

    It is an unavoidable choice for human beings to live, live or work in cities because of their various needs. In urban areas, the skin of the land must be closed due to various needs (such as work, commerce, social activities and activities). In Taiwan, for example, the most common is asphalt road pavement (AC) or Use concrete hard floor (RC). These hard-surfaced so that rainfall can no longer be free to infiltrate the land, but also makes the land of groundwater can not be evaporated to the atmosphere, so the urban heat island gradually formed. Residents must install air-conditioning systems (such as air-conditioners) to reduce the indoor ambient temperature. And a lot of heat will be discharged to the outdoors, making the city a big oven. The place where we live is such a hot oven, especially in summer, especially in the cosmopolitan.

DH-RAIN straw drainage technology:

     We try to: Break the man-made hardened skin in the city so that rainwater in the sky and groundwater in the soil can partially regain the function of natural regulation. Let the water, soil and wood elements in the five elements of China re-run their exchange and, by the way, precious rainwater be preserved and utilized.

    DH-RAIN straw drainage technology, no longer use the most traditional way of permeable pavement ---- use a lot of land to increase the infiltration of rainwater benefits, because in land resources in Taiwan or other similar metropolitan areas, "land "The competition for this resource is fierce. We adopted and improved the traditional concept of osmosis well and expanded the small area of land to a larger area of tens of times to several tens of times more so as to recreate "new land" for the city.


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  1. DH-RAIN Straw Drainage Method DM (2014). (traritional chinese)
  2. DH-RAIN Straw Drainage Method PPT(2014). (traditional chinese) (still updating)


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