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P1 (P1A) - DH Quick Concrete Pile

Item No.:P1A

P1 (A): DH Quick Concrete Pile
    DH Quick Concrete Pile (DH advanced quick prestressed concrete pile) is the newly prestressed concrete pile developed by Dehan in the 2010s. It belongs to the first stage pile technology (P-LV1) of Dehan, combined with a variety of its own unique technology. Internal product code is type P1, or P1A.
    This product is mainly modified from "implantable prestressed concrete pile", in addition to the original advantages of implantable piles, but also has:

High-intensity construction period compression and integration of other types of capacity, pile head pull stronger and more stable, more stable durability, better quality control and so on.


P1 products are mainly divided into two kinds:
(1) type P1 (P1A) :standard type.

Hollow pile head, embedded horizontal reinforcement in pile head and many other features and combinations, with "The Pile Head Never Loose" treatment technology, both anti-pile-settlement function. Pile head treatment use only ordinary concrete (expansive concrete is unnecessary).

(2) type P1B : compact type of P1A.

The main difference with the type P1A is no horizontal reinforcements in pile head, pile head treatment must use the expansion of concrete. The advantage is that it is very similar to traditional PC/PHC piles and has similar structural behavior as well as rapid construction characteristics. Type P1B can be used to prefer the traditional way of the technicians/owners.

▲Applied for larger size piles                      for smaller size piles


▲pile head horizontal reinforcements: general type            enhanced type

    The horizontal reinforcements of pile head can be changed by using the number of layers, the number of each layer and the diameter of reinforcements, mainly in increasing the total area of reinforcements (steel bar shear capacity) and the total diameter of bar (wall cracking capacity). Currently commonly used type (diameter less than 600mm, pile core filling section depth 2M) generally use six layers of two D16 reforcements, a total of 24 contact points, can provide more than 100 tons (1,000 KN) of pile header section pulling force, in general words, is more than enough.

▲ DH quick concrete pile mainly structure

Quick construction integration:

DH quick concrete pile planting construction steps
(the lower side show the traditional method)

▲ DH quick concrete pile planting construction project prediction (shown as red line)

▲ DH quick concrete pile planting section of the sequential construction project prediction (shown as red line)



  1. Technicians should pay attention to the use of P1A is currently the third generation of products (sample standard drawing version marked: Rev.Cxx), the first two generations of products are not applicable.
  2. The quick construction method of this technology can still meet the requirements of the owners for more rapid schedule (ultra-fast method, and ultra-fast method, etc. Please clarify the requests and the other informations for our technical cooperation). Such as the follow-up civil subcotractor with a good degree, will be able to show the superiority of the technology.
  3. Due to the relatively rough precision of civil engineering, it is still impossible for the leaking slurry to be 100% exempt, but the probability has dropped to a very low level. The DH Company , after three generations of improvements, has developed a new method of cleaning technology to be handled, do not have to worry too much about the use.
  4. DH quick concrete pile did not change the shape of the pile, it will not increase or decrease the bearing capacity of the pile. However, the special pile head structure can increase the pulling resistance of the pile head section. If you need to enhance the capacity of the pile, please put forward needs, and the other information consulting our other technologies to see if we can meet the needs.

Technical Inquiry:

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