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2018/9/10 | 2018-02-06 Some Notes for Hualien Earthquake

Remind everyone to pay attention to the terrible earthquake and prevent early prevention for their beloved family

create: 2018-02-12 , update:2018-09-08

Note: The readers shall know that most content of this paper is translated from original traditional chinese version by software.

Excerpt report:

1. Source: Wind Media 2018-02-07,

Li Hongyuan said in the live broadcast of "ETtoday News Cloud" on the 7th day that due to serious soil liquefaction in the north, if the earthquake of magnitude 6.0 in the north occurs in the north, I am afraid that it will knock down 4,000 houses.

If the Taipei encounter an earthquake of 7.3 grade, 35,000 houses will fall.

Li Hongyuan said: "From 921 Earthquake disaster to Tainan Earthquake disaster(2017) to this time, Hualien Earthquake disaster(2018) is actually the same scene. Everyone speaks the same thing. I am very upset." He said that he has warned the Ministry of the Interior affairs about high potential danger of the soil liquefaction in Taipei. If the earthquake with a grade of 6.0 , it will probably dump 4,000 houses. In case it is 7.3, you will have to dump 35,000.

 2. Taiwan fault map

▲Source: Institute of Applied Geology, Central University

▲Source: Central Geological Survey, Ministry of Economic Affairs地震活動觀測/motive.htm


▲The probability of earthquakes in Taiwan's seismogenic structure in the next 50 years
(Source: Ministry of Science and Technology Taiwan Earthquake Model Team 2015)

3. Taiwan's soil liquefaction potential
(by the way, the relevant soil liquefaction potential is together, Taiwanese are too easy to forget)

Source: Central Geological Survey of the Ministry of Economic Affairs - Geological Cloud - Soil Liquefaction Potential (Check @ 2018-02-12)


Taipei City,                         Chang-yun,                  Tainan City,                 Kaohsiung City

However, the following URLs may be more acceptable to the general public:
Central Geological Survey of the Ministry of Economic Affairs - Soil Liquefaction Potential Inquiry System

Distribution of soil liquefaction potential in all counties and cities of Taiwan (Source: Central Geological Survey)

~~ There are many things we can't change, but there are some things we have the ability to prepare in advance~~

For ... people who love me, and people who I love,
Not just... the money I love.

Remember - Hualien - Strong feeling @ 2018-02-06

Just remember:

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