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2018/9/10 | P8A: part.1 Sunshined Dark Forest Project

P8A: Sunshined Dark Forest Project intoduction

Note: The readers shall know that most content of this paper is translated from original traditional chinese version by software.


    The Shining Dark Forest Project is the first sub-plan (part.1) of DH SolarTree technology based on the practical area, with a capacity of 16.0 GW and a power generation of 20.4 billion kWh. (Reference: The total power generation of Taipower No.3 Nuclear Power Plant in 2010 was 15.3 billion kWh. The estimated power generation of two units in the Taipower No.4 Nuclear Power Plant is about 23.6 billion kWh/year)

    In this land, we have lived for a long time, very beautiful, and people are working hard. However, natural resources are not rich enough. DH solar tree technology is used to fill some resource defects. Basically, it is simply a tailor-made technology for the local.

    Perseverance is the goal of mankind, but there is no need to blindly enter. This is also the philosophy of our efforts. As a long-term engineering person, in addition to spending money (it must be required), it can sometimes be said to be a form of "destruction of the status quo", so it will cause some negative views of the average person, but sometimes it has to be done. See if its successor can create better benefits or utility to determine its positioning.


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