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2018/4/7 | -- DH Quick Pile Introduction Video (on Youtube) - Update @ 2018-04-07

DH quick pile -- Youtube videos

update: 2018-04-07

Note: The readers shall know that most content of this paper is translated from original traditional chinese version by software.

001 - The friction wrap design between the cap and the pile is really stable for a long time?


002 - According to the regulations, the water ash floating layer on the inner wall of the pile is required to remove the hair


003 - Pile and core-filled concrete _ friction gripping effect shows a simulation test of unstable factors


004 - DH-PHC pile replaces unstable friction grip mechanics with reinforced concrete structural mechanics 


005 - DH-PHC piles save time and money quickly construction method


006 - Foam layer and inferior concrete co-adhesive effect (DH-PHC overcomes unstable pile head treatment)


007 - Defects in traditional pile head treatment (DH-PHC piles improve their loss and strengthen the structure)


008 - Defective improvement of traditional pile head treatment (DH-PHC pile - never loosening pile head treatment)


009 - Current implanted pile heads


010 - DH-PHC piles ~never loosen pile head (reinforced concrete structure)


011 - DH-PHC pile construction procedure (pre-emptive pile head treatment)


012 - DH-PHC never-loose pile head treatment (improvement of pre-stressed pile head friction grip design replaced by structural mechanics)


013 - Pile head treatment technology for DH-PHC piles (effect of high frequency reverse vibration on buildings or equipment)


014 - DH-PHC comprehensively solves the instability and uncertainty of current implanted pile heads


015 - DH-PHC pile (compression project float time, and the pile head never looses)

015__DH-PHC基樁 (壓縮專案浮時與樁頭永不鬆脫)

016 - DH-PHC pile (strengthening the stability of the pile head)


017 - DH-PHC never-loosen pile head treatment


018 - The structure and construction method of the current implantable phc piles should be improved? The DH-PHC pile quality is more stable, which is beneficial to the project contractor's bidding competitiveness, reducing costs and risks, and is more conducive to investment. Recovery rate of funds and ensuring benefits

018__現行植入式phc基樁的結構與工法...是否應有所改進? DH-PHC成樁質量更穩定,有利於工程承包方的投標競爭力、降低成本及風險,更有利於投資資金的回收速度及確保效益

019 - DH-PHC pile vent pipe piping phenomenon


020 - DH-PHC pile hollow pile head venting phenomenon


021 - DH-PHC pile easy opening method

021__DH-PHC 基樁 易開罐工法

022 - DH-PHC implantation process (drilling to bearing soil layer)

022__DH-PHC 植入過程(鑽掘至承載層情形)

023 - DH-PHC pile (hollow pile head implantation process without secondary drilling core processing procedure)

023__DH-PHC 基樁(不需二次鑽掘鑽芯處理程序的中空樁頭植入過程)

024 - DH-PHC piles, anti-seismic, anti-pull, never-loosed pile head treatment

024__DH-PHC基樁 抗震抗拉拔永不鬆脫的樁頭處理

025 - DH-PHC piles Strong and resistant to pulling and never loosening

025__DH-PHC基樁 強悍抗拉拔永不鬆脫的樁頭處理技術

026 - DH-PHC pile quick construction method

026__DH-PHC基樁 快速工法

027 - DH-PHC pile pre-formed hollow pile head treatment

027__DH-PHC基樁 預先成形的中空樁頭處理

028 - DH-PHC piling process

028__DH-PHC基樁 植樁過程

029 - DH-PHC piles ,How to unhook the implant positioning and auxiliary cable (po: 2017-04)

029__DH-PHC基樁 植入定位與輔助鋼索如何脫鉤

030 - DH Quick Pile (Comparison of Implanted Pile) (po: 2017-05-05)

031 - DH-PHC hollow pile head treatment

032 - Analysis of the wear and tear of the inner wall of the pile and the core-filled concrete


033 - DH-PHC 600# 14ML single pile implantation process


034 - PHC piles,  anti-seismic type, never loosen pile head treatment


035 - DH-PHC pile application for deep foundation of residential area in liquefaction potential area 

036 - PHC piles ,implanted with different machines in response to the needs of the site


037 - PHC quick method (compression schedule time, strengthening pile head mechanics)

038 - DH-PHC quick method (discussion on the case of traditional implanted piles) (@2017-11)

039 - Defective phenomenon of implanted piles (DH-PHC never looses pile head treatment)


040 - DH quick pile, site of gravel layer


041 - DH quick piles, Extreme compression of the period

042 - Gravel layer digging method, implanted pile construction (DH quick pile series)

043 - Traditional pile head treatment problem solution (DH quick pile easy opening method)


044 - Pile core pull failure of traditional pile head treatment (DH quick pile overcomes traditional defect problems)




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