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2018/10/10 | -- DH Quick-bending introduction video (on Youtube) - update @ 2018-10-10

DH Quick-Bending Introduction Video (on Youtube & Others)
- update @ 2018-10-10

Note: The readers shall know that most content of this paper is translated from original traditional chinese version by software.

001 - Ying Zhang Heavy-Cold-Pipe-Bending (06:40)

002 - 2018-09 Quick-Bending technical brief on KIMD expo. (03:57)

FB-001 - 5" stainless pipe bends cold processing "remaining material", rebirth bend signboard (industrial style) (02:26)



Other Elbow Videos of Other Companies:

Ref. 1 - High-frequency elbow machining (foreign) - Describe how elbow parts are made,
Let's understand the "past technology" and how to process it from a straight pipe to an elbow. (00:50)


Ref.2 - Manufacturing of elbow parts in China (01:50)


More intro videos, will be uploaded in succession .....


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