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2018/6/14 | P8: DH SunTree

P8: DH-SunTree

Create: 2018-06-14  , Update: 2018-07-01

Note: The readers shall know that most content of this paper is translated from original traditional chinese version by software.

    In June 2018, Dehan launched the latest technology in the P series:  P8.  


The basic concept of the DH SunTree:

Style 2 is a specially designed style for the Western Pacific (wind reduction).


Applications of DH SunTree:

    The use of two sets of technologies that are already very mature and cheap in the engineering world: pre-stressed piles and steel frames.
    To obtain a lot of land to use.
    The high-tech solar modules are instead identified as components that can be obtained in the free market.

    Our pleasure lies in finding/searching for the worst, worst, and least desirable land.
    Land with the lowest or negative interest, once again activated or reused,
    And it is the rapid use and development ("time" is one of the key points of our technology, "land" is another).

    The original idea was to use highway shoulders or railroads, but this is not our best/final goal.

    For example, a 500mmX12m single-section pre-stressed pile spanned @8M is used, and each work shift is about 30-40 sets per day (240m road length, excluding environmental impact). Locally, at least 20-30 sets of work can be started, and the estimated daily advance is 7,200 meters. The construction needs (100,000 pieces) of green land on both sides of the road with a length of 400KM, and the whole line can complete the operation as fast as 120-180 days.
    The steel frame is modularized in mass production and installation, and the solar panels are also in the same place. Eaen with slight errors, the construction speed is very fast. This can be done in other ways, as long as the sunshine can be accepted.
    This design is extremely advantageous for the transmission and distribution operations in the latter stage, which is different from the general star-type citizen power generation application level.
(The above estimates only, please don't worry too much).

    Compared with the delicate solar panels, the cost of these piles and steel frames is already insignificant.
    These piles and steel frame costs are even less than the time when the land is difficult to obtain and the day is abolished.

    The characteristics of the pre-stressed piles are quickly prefabricated in the production line of the factory. If the 24H operation is even up to 1-3 turns. High strength, once-ground and underground construction (fast speed), no excavation on site, no stacking of construction materials, rapid restoration of ground, low cost, durability up to 100 years (replacement of solar panels 5 times). If you are on the road, it will not affect the car driving.

    However, on the road(highway), although the area is large, Sorry still can't satisfy our design demand.
    Joining the railway (orbit,MRT) implementation, although good, is still not enough to meet the point of satisfaction.

    We thought about... Using useless open space (very vulgar ideas, close to the status quo).
    But still can't reach the point of satisfaction. Moreover, there are many problems.

A more ideal solution is... The DH Dark Forest Project 


    The DH SunTree is mainly shaped by the trunk and the leaf exhibition. The imitation big tree absorbs solar energy on the face, so it is named.

    The most distinctive one is the "pre-stressed pile" that is not eye-catching and serves as a trunk. This is an extremely mature building material, which facilitates rapid and large-scale prefabrication.
    Pre-stressed piles are the ultimate application of reinforced concrete in civil engineering, using high-strength concrete (such as fc'=800kg/cm2, nearly 12,000psi) and high-strength steel bars (referred to as pre-forced steel bars, such as fy=12,500 Kg/cm2), forming an excellent "support structure", and the concrete has excellent weather resistance (refer to steel structure or steel pipe), relatively low cost, can be used to "plant" our "DH Suntree".

    The steel frame is also a mature steel structure product. It is fast prefabricated, fast installed, and hot dip galvanized protection, so that the steel frame can support the life of the energy board (PV panels) as much as possible and reduce the cost. The type is uniform, the size is set, and it is suitable for mass production.

    These are materials and technologies that can be obtained locally, without the need for external forces.

    When our land resources are extremely deficient, it can be used. We also use it to build a "Sunshining Dark Forest."

Let's plant a tree.

    Planting trees is a pleasure.
    Others plant trees, using fertilizer, watering, and loving care, so that small saplings can grow up.
    Our SunTree is made of steel, cement and iron bones. If it is hot, it will help it to play a parasol, but love is the same.
    If every friend has a heart and a tree, you can make a big forest.

(1) This graphic is an engineer's manuscript. It has been ugly without editing. Don't mind too much.
(2) Please see "Dark Forest Project" for details.
(3) If you feel that there is any missing in DH SunTree technology , please let us know and we will make it more progressive.

The real focus is here...

It's designed for the Taiwan's environment

    DH SunTree Technology is an energy technology designed specifically for the characteristics of Taiwan.
    Taiwan has a lot of problems of environment, lack of energy, small land, strong typhoons, many environmental protests, and many many opinions. This is exactly the environment in which Taiwan is located.
    However, energy is still necessary.

    Taiwan's economic environment is not bad, which means that her financial status still is fine.
    The biggest problem with solar power is that ........ "lacks of land".

    Don't think too much about the DH SunTree, but it's not too simple.
    It is not high-tech, it is a vernacular, it is a set of land use technology.

    In Taiwan, the most expensive cost of solar power generation is not PV solar modules, but "land".
    Land is also the biggest unknown in conflict. It is not only "expensive", but also more difficult to "acquire" and "agree to obtain".

Almost all use of Taiwanese technology

    Looking at the DH SunTree technology, there are mainly civil, steel, and electromechanical technologies.
    Electromechanical technology (mainly solar panels) is a common material that is designed to be sourced from the market and does not have to be included in this technical discussion.
    The rest of the technology, the locals are enough to support. Basically, no foreign technology is used.
    Compared to the delicate solar panels, other building materials are relatively cheap materials, which is a very important cost point of view. 

    In solar power generation, a number of star-studded power generation methods have many problems in the acquisition end (including transmission and distribution), operation and maintenance, etc.

    DH SunTree is different from small power generation mode. It adopts a larger area of power generation, which makes capacity and management more capable of large-scale and large-scale production, and is conducive to the matching of various subsequent constructions. At the same time, the builders and operators in the design concept are also different from the tradition. This is a big difference from the traditional solar power generation in the local area. It is necessary for everyone who wants to be careful to think about it again.

    The smart friends can probably find that the materials used in the DH SunTree are the currently used and the cheapest engineering materials.

Construction investment (capital investment) can be carried out in several stages, and stopping or continuing is a viable option.

    The implementation of the DH SunTree, mainly on the land, can be adjusted according to the tightness of the funds (financial), without the need to rush. Of course, it also includes the wishes and considerations of implementing local governments and people.

The land that builds the DH SunTree is close to

    The DH Sun Tree is an elevated solar power plant, and the land below can be freely used (of course, there are some restrictions). Residents and tourists can make considerable use of the space below, which will change the sense of deprivation caused by traditional solar facilities and human society.

It is also feasible to abandon the built-up DH SunTree (for example, land for other purposes)

    In places where land is scarce, there are other needs that are added to the land at any time. Solar power generation is a way of generating electricity that requires a lot of land. So we designed this technology to make the land useable, instead of dedicated, exclusive, exclusive, and wasted social resources.

Most importantly, the DH SunTree uses almost exclusively the lowest value, or no use of land in society.

    This depends directly on the application we envisioned --
        Shining Dark Forest, or Island Defense Energy Strategy.

 The technology itself is colorless (Not related to politics), so don't worry too much. 

(continuously updated...) 


1. Introduction to DH SunTree. (Traditional Chinese version) (simplied Chinese version) (English version)

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