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2013/3/25 | P1: 2013-3-20 Dehan participated in the 3rd China International Pile and Deep Foundation Summit

Dehan participated in the 3rd China International Pile and Deep Foundation Summit (2013, Shanghai)

    Dehan Intellectual Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) is honored to participate in the "3rd China International Pile and Deep Foundation Summit" held at the Galaxy Hotel in Shanghai, China from 2013-3-20 to 22. And successfully published the paper "DH-PHC Application of pile head treatment technology for implanted pre-stressed piles" and the latest engineering technology of Dehan co. "The next generation of pile standards: the pile head technology that never comes loose - DH-PHC prestressed pipe piles in hammer type and press-in type of piles."

    During the meeting, the leaders of the engineering industry and the guests were enthusiastic about the engineering and technology of Dehan Company. We are deeply grateful to the company and can provide a heart for the new generation of engineering construction in mainland China. Mr. Shen Baohan, Chairman of the Beijing Construction Engineering Research Institute of the Summit, has several times to show that the new technology presentations brought by Dehan Company have brought another vitality to the industry! In particular, it reveals the long-term instability and uncertainty in the joint between the prestressed pipe pile and the upper foundation, providing a permanent solution! Geotechnical engineering experts and scholars, advanced and international, are warmly coming to the booth of the company to discuss and communicate. The company's pile head treatment technology can indeed improve the defects and defects in the traditional process method, so that the pipe pile foundation can be safer. More stable, more intensive, and there will be no hidden dangers in construction quality!
    Thanks to Professor Shen Baohan for his assistance and support, we also promised Professor Shen that if time and technical time permits, Dehan will publish one or two more powerful new PHC pipe pile technology next year. The upcoming 2014 Summit will introduce you to the updated engineering technology of Dehan Company.
    Due to the limited time of this summit, we have not been able to fully explain the improvement and application of DH-PHC pile head technology for all the advanced predecessors in the engineering industry. You are welcome to visit our website for lastest information. You are also welcome to email us and discuss with us.

(This paper was published by Prof. Zhang Jiaqi)

Application of DH-PHC head treatment technology of piles:

Paper , PPT (Simplified Chinese version),
Paper , PPT
(Translated Chinese version)

The next generation of pipe pile standards,
Never loosen pile head technology LV1,
oversized pile head technology LV5 (Simplified Chinese)

 2013 The 3rd China International Pile and Deep Foundation Summit Website:


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